Five Creative Wedding Gifts

It’s always exciting when friends or relatives get married; that excitement can fade when it’s time to pick a gift, though. Whether you’re low on cash or just want to do something different, you have more gift options than what’s on the registry.

Gift Table photo via Lindley

Like so many other things, the rules of gift-giving have changed. However, one rule stays true — whatever you give should be heartfelt, appropriate and based on what the happy couple wants. If you’re short on gift ideas, these five gift ideas will show your love for the bride and groom.

A Handmade Creation

With the rise of online art galleries, classic works of art aren’t hard to find. A handmade work of art from you, however, will always be priceless. If you have a creative streak, create your wedding gift. Paint a picture or frame a favorite B&W photo. Make a vase or bowl on your kiln, or write and frame a poem written just for the couple on their special day. If you aren’t the creative type there are endless possibilities on Etsy.

Anything-of-the-Month Club

Newlywed couples are too busy settling into married life to stock up on their favorite things, but your gift can do it for them. The number of of-the-month clubs has exploded in recent years, and there’s bound to be something for the Mr. and Mrs., including jerky, salsa, pickles, coffee, tea, wine, pizza, popcorn, candles and even golf clubs.

A Romantic Getaway

If other wedding guests have already bought the set of Xtrema ceramic cookware on the registry, buy the happy couple a chance to take a break from cooking. No one’s happy to leave the honeymoon, so extend it with a trip to a bed-and-breakfast or a spa resort. Don’t schedule the trip for a specific time; leave it open-ended so the couple can go when it’s convenient for them.

A Sentimental Item, All Dressed Up

Married couples love gifts that remind them of a special moment in their courtship. Find a reminder of the occasion and turn it into a stunning wedding gift. Set a photo from the night they met in a silver frame. Locate an item from their first date or the menu from the restaurant where he popped the question. They’ll always look fondly on a souvenir of their blossoming love.

A Free Home Makeover

The newlyweds will come home to a lot of gifts after the honeymoon, but what kind of home are they entering? If the couple is starting their new life in a fixer-upper, spring for a makeover. Pick up the tab for a paint job in the bedroom or living room, or ship a set of cool lawn chairs for their porch or patio. They’ve entered into a new marriage; why not give their home a new look?

A wedding is a celebration of two people in love, and a one-of-a-kind gift is a great way to celebrate your love for the happy couple.