Geek Girl: 3 reasons to buy a Chromebook

3 reasons to buy a Chromebook | Genpink Geek Girl

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Intel-based Chromebook is one of the hottest products in the tech market today. It’s a new, faster computer that starts in seconds and offers thousands of awesome apps. All Chromebooks have a built-in virus protection and automatically back up your photos, music and other information on the cloud.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, we recommend taking a look at why Chromebook will help with your every day computer needs. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, you need a reliable laptop with high performance capabilities. The last thing you need is a fried computer in the middle of a deadline!

3 reasons to buy a Chromebook | Genpink Geek Girl

Here are three more reasons why you should consider a Chromebook.

1. Faster

Intel core Chromebooks have faster frame rate that allows users to zip through tasks and browse casually with significantly higher frame rates than ARM enabled. You’ll definitely get a smooth performance with a Chromebook, and it’s perfect for multitasking. For us geek girls that means quicker access to Hulu+ videos, unlimited scrolling on Pinterest, and dangerously fast online shopping.

2. Longer battery life

Battery life for intel enabled Chromebooks extends 7.8% longer when compare to ARM enabled Chromebooks. If you don’t have your laptop charger on you, don’t fret! The Chromebook will last for up to eight hours, so you can stay productive on your laptop and not worry about the battery life.

I have a ridiculous number of purses and laptop bags that can hold my many devices, but for some reason I often travel without my computer charger. I always think I’m only going to at nearby coffee shop or in a meeting for a brief period and 9 times out of 10 I’m wrong, which results in a sad laptop at the end of the day. The idea of 8 solid hours of battery, sounds like the ultimate in productivity.

The laptop I used to use in college rarely lasted through two classes. For all of you current college students, the Chromebook is a budget-friendly option to use in class or at your favorite all-night coffee place.

3. Less waiting around with apps

With a Chromebook, there’s 62% less waiting time when multi-tasking. So go ahead…open multiple browsers. Open your email, messages, music and many other apps all at once. The apps will continue to work that much faster. One of my favorite made-up words is “technoADD”, which refers to the idea of having 30+ tabs open, while also texting on your smart phone and possibly watching TV or interacting with a third device. At this very moment I only have 10 apps open, so that makes my technoADD quotient pretty low.

Still on the fence? Check out these two informative and witty videos of how a Chromebook works. We think you’ll enjoy the short clips!

Check out #IntelChromebookFTW on social media for more talk around the Chromebook and see why others enjoy using this product.

Chromebooks start at $199, and more details can be found on its website.

The Chromebook would make a nice gift for someone who needs a new laptop this holiday, or even add it to your own wish list!

Have a Chromebook already? Tell us what you love about it!

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