GenPink Picks: Holiday Gadgets Gift Guide

Check out these new items that would make great holiday gifts for your techie friends and family members!

Apple’s New Headphones

If one of your friends is an athlete who loves to listen to music while training, they probably prefer a pair of headphones that a) won’t fall out of their ears and b) plays music unobtrusively.  Apple has just the item in those cases! The top-notch techie company released a new set of EarPods (along with its iPhone 5) earlier this year. $29

A Sexy Smart Bag

Phorce is the world’s first smart bag for the stylish and high tech woman on the go. This bag  powers all of your gadgets, transforms into three separate types of bags for any occasion, and even reminds you to not forget your bag.


Phorce charges smartphones, tablets, iPods, cameras, speakers, headphones, and anything that is powered using a USB connection. The bag includes 3 USB connections, 2 high speed ports and 1 super high-speed port, which can provide a Samsung  Galaxy S3 about 6 times . Additionally, the Phorce for Mac can power a MacBook for up to 7 extra hours.


The bag comes with an Android and iOS based application that can connect a smart phone to the Phorce bag via Bluetooth. This app gauges the bag’s remaining power through an intuitive on-screen graphics display. Additionally, this feature sends a notification to the phone if the bag is left behind.


Phorce can transform from a messenger bag, to a backpack, to a briefcase in a matter of seconds, with no additional equipment needed. The Phorce bag has a special opening that allows it to slide over the (telescopic) handles of a trolley bag. The bag is compact and light-weight at just 3.7lbs, but can transform into a bigger bag, with an expansion zipper that gives the user 240 cubic inches of extra space.

Phorce for USB:  Priced at $199 on Kickstarter, retails for $349Phorce for Mac: Priced at $279 on Kickstarter, retails for $449.


iHangy, the maker of popular Apple®-compatible protective cases and accessories, recently released the iHangy “Slip in 5 Case™” line of protective and fashionable cases, keychains, and secure necklaces, designed specifically to protect and carry the iPhone® 5 for quick hands-free accessibility.  The “Slip in 5 Case” line provides rubber-coated hard plastic in the exterior and soft cushioning silicone in the interior, keeping the iPhone handy for texting, phone calls, apps, games, music and Internet use. Available in pink, white and black.

slip in keychain
slip in necklace
slip in music necklace