Leather Gifts For Your Third Wedding Anniversary

This is the 3rd post in our wedding anniversary gift series. See, anniversary gift ideas for 1st / Paper anniversary and 2nd / Cotton anniversary.

Leather is the traditional third-year anniversary gift, but it can be challenging to come up with a leather gift that’s fitting for your love. These ideas offer some simply perfect gift options that will enable you to stick with tradition and give a gift that your partner will thoroughly enjoy!


A Wallet


Get your hubby a leather wallet and include a picture of you that he can carry with him. Throw in three dollar bills to make that third year idea really hit home!


Take a Trip


Go big with a leather passport holder, complete with tickets for a second honeymoon! If a full trip is too much, simply create a “passport” for a special date to spend together to celebrate three years strong!


Leather Tote

leather gift 1

A leather tote is the perfect balance of practical and personal in a gift. Mark&Graham allows you to customize a tote with color preferences and initials, so you can create a gift designed with your love in mind!


A Journal


There are so many special moments; it’s easy to forget them even if they seem unforgettable. Get leather-bound journals for you and your love to record the special moments you share so they’ll never be forgotten!


Leather Bands

Have a craft project with your partner and make personalized leather bands. You can wear them as tokens of each others’ love and symbols of three wonderful years together!

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Photos via Pixabay.