Fashion, Culture and more lifestyle scenes with Living MacTavish

From the hottest fashion accessories to finding the best running trails on the West Coast and EVERYTHING in between, Living MacTavish serves as a great daily guide for the modern American girl.

Susan MacTavish, the founder of this website, is best known for home entertaining with a touch of flair and a unique styles. As you browse the pictures on the site, you’ll see MacTavish’s Scottish roots cross with her Cali lifestyle.

Any given week she’ll be throwing a house concert, a barbecue, a book launch, or an impromptu dinner in front of the fireplace — sometimes all of the above. For her, bringing people together in person to enjoy a meal and swap stories is one of the most vital ways to enjoy life.

So next time when you’re pondering what to whip up for dessert or which dress to wear at a cocktail party, check out the colorful Living MacTavish website. Readers can take away new trendy tips to share with friends. Share with  us your favorite finds in the comments section below.

We loved checking out the pages on this site, and our favorites were:

The best coast is the West Coast- California











Flirty seasonal Dresses












Adorable belts, summer shades and jewelry on Accessories








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