The Magic of a Virtual Assistant

The Magic of a Virtual Assistant

Have you ever wished that you had a magical fairy who could help you and who genuinely cared about the success of your blog or small business? Well, you don’t have to keep wishing — there truly is a magical fairy helper for you, and they’re called your Virtual Assistant (VA)!

A VA remotely provides support to entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small businesses. Working with a VA is fantastic because it allows you flexibility. A VA is a contractor, which means you are not obligated to hire them for 20-40 hours per week. Instead, you are able to work with them as needed to get things done. As a result, it also saves you money because you don’t have to hire an employee and you are only paying for the time you need!

I personally have a VA named Jess that’s helped with Genpink and Dallas Food Nerd for years, and it has been magical! I have been able to delegate tasks and projects to my VA and it has been a lifesaver.

“I’ve loved working with Jess. She’s super efficient, great with follow-up, and a get-it-done kinda gal.”

Here are a few ways my virtual assistant has helped me as a blogger:

  • Research: Researching topics or ideas can be such a time-drain, but it is extremely important to my business. Being able to communicate my needs and delegating research to my VA has saved me countless hours, and the results have been just as good, if not better, than what I could have found on my own.
  • Blogs: Blog content is my bread and butter, and I love writing it. However, there is much more to a blog than just the content. It must be proofread and posted to the website, and these have been great projects to delegate to my VA.
  • Images: Whether for blog posts or promotions, images are very important because we are visual beings…but finding the right images or cropping the bajillion I take can take a long time. This is a perfect task to delegate because my VA knows all the right places to look and can capture my vision well.
  • Promotions: We are in the digital age, which means social media and newsletters are a critical component of any business. My VA has been able to assist me in social media management, re-scheduling old posts, and sending newsletters.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what a VA can do. I just wanted to give you a quick glimpse into just how much my VA has been able to help me.

Being able to work with someone I trust, who I know genuinely cares about the success of my business, has been incredible! If you have been wishing for a magical fairy, you should definitely check out how a VA can help you. If you have any questions you’re welcome to email me and I can give you personal experience, or of course you can check out Jess’ website