Mean Girls on Dallas Broadway is so fetch!

mean girls on broadway
Mean Girls on Broadway has opened at Broadway Dallas! Tina Fey’s Tony-nominated musical is a clever update on the 2004 movie & the production gets props for its widely diverse cast (for some dates, all three Plastics are played by women of color!). Morgan Ashley Bryant (@mo_dances on IG) was a particular standout—she plays the perpetually dumb Karen as ditzy but well-meaning. (“If I could change the world/I’d make it Halloween/every single day,” she sings, “And also have world peace.”)
Photo: Mean Girls on Broadway
The digital set & high school props (there’s a number with an extended dance sequence featuring cafeteria trays) made the whole production bright & fun to watch. All in all, it’s a totally grool time! Catch it at Fair Park until May 15. Get tickets at
Disclaimer: We attended this show on media passes, and all opinions are our own.