Mummies of the World: The Exhibition at the Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh)

At the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, explore 125 REAL mummies and related artifacts in Mummies of the World: The Exhibition. The exhibit is on display now through April 19, 2020, featuring mummies from Europe, South America, and Ancient Egypt and offering unprecedented insights into past cultures and civilizations. Throughout the exhibit, you’ll see mummies, both humans and animals, up close and personal in glass cases. The exhibit does a good job providing a short background on each mummy, including mummified animals. Museum-goers will learn about each mummy’s life story, techniques in how mummies were created, how science experts preserve mummies today and more informative facts.


Get your hands on multiple interactive stations throughout the six-room exhibit. Many of the stations show the history of mummies, as well as how they were created, both naturally and intentionally. Another one, as shown on National Geographic, is a video of King Tut’s facial reconstruction years after his death by today’s forensic experts. I also really liked the wall showing five different textures so guests can actually feel mummy wraps, mummified animal fur and more unique things.

Once you finish your self-guided tour, you’ll end up at the gift shop. Check out the cool souvenirs to remember your visit!



Tickets to Mummies of the World are $19.95 for adults, $15.95 for children and $17.95 for seniors. Museum members get a discounted rate of $11.50 per person. Did you know a membership card gets you access to three additional Carnegie museums in Pittsburgh? See details here to how to get more bang for your buck year round.

Mummies of the World is an educational and fascinating experience for many ages. Don’t miss this exhibit while it’s in Pittsburgh! While you’re at the science center, check out several floors of interactive exhibit rooms ranging from robotics, sports and the environment — all included with general admission.

Museum notes:

  • For those with younger children, see this  Family Guide to determine if your child will enjoy the exhibit.
  • Photography/videography are not allowed in the exhibit out of respect for the bodies. (You can take pictures at the rest of the museum.)
  • Click here to purchase tickets to the center and to see special rates.


(Disclaimer: My ticket to the museum was exhibit was complimentary, and all opinions are my own.)