New Feature: Ask a Recruiter… also Happy Birthday Andrea!

So I have this awesome friend. We’ve been friends since we were two scrawny kids, I believe around age 8 & 9. In addition to being a great friend she is also a kick-ass recruiter. Seriously though. Consequently, she’s the resident question answerer about all things job related.

“Um will you look at my resume”… “also what should I say in response to this email”… “oh and they want an answer to XYZ”. These conversations happen quite frequently with her. So last week, after answering about 47 questions, she came up with the idea of making her recruiter knowledge available to the wonderful reader of GenPink.

So… I figured today ON HER BIRTHDAY! we might as well introduce it.

So this is how it will work, since most questions you’ll want to ask a recruiter will be things you don’t want your name attached to, I created a secret submission form (okay fine it’s google docs). You can enter your name, make up a funny alias, or enter nothing. Once a month Andrea and I will go through the questions and compile the answers here on GenPink.

Sounds like fun ehh!

Speaking of fun… we are celebrating her birthday tonight with a girl’s night sushi dinner! Can’t wait.