OOTD- Faux Leather Skirt

#OOTD-Faux Leather//GenPink

This past fall I was on a serious hunt for the perfect leather skirt. I was loving all the outfits I was seeing everywhere with a leather skirt so naturally I had to have one. However, finding THE perfect leather skirt proved a bit more difficult than I originally thought, or maybe I’m just picky. Either way, I had a few requirements that I needed met by my new potential leather skirt. Like, it could not be too short. I’m a classy lady, not a corner lady. Also, I wanted the leather to look as close to real as I could get while still paying faux prices. So, after some extensive online searching I finally came across one that met all my requirements from shopbob.com. I got it and it was PERFECT. Had to pat myself on the back a little for that one.

The next phase is styling my new wardrobe addition. I was super excited to play around with outfits all winter long and here are a few combinations I came up with:

#OOTD-Faux Leather//GenPink
A J.Crew boyfriend button down paired with the leather skirt went well together. I tried the other the colar necklace trick & liked the statement it made with this look.
OOTD-Faux Leather Skirt//GenPink
A J.Crew chunky boyfriend sweater slightly tucked in with the leather skirt made this a perfect casual look.

With summer quickly approaching, wearing a non-breathable material does not sound overly appealing. That being said, spring has been a great time to wear the skirt and I transitioned it from winter to spring using a few trends I have recently admired from the runways.

The first look is a monochromatic look with a pop of color in the heel. Pair a sheer black blouse with the black leather plus a heel of just about any color will hopefully make you feel as sassy as I felt wearing this outfit. Shirt was from , skirt was from shopbob.com but here is a similar version (that I approve. You know I’m picky about it!) and the heels are Steve Madden.

#OOTD-Faux Leather//GenPink
My monochrome look inspired from the desire to wear my faux-leather skirt.

The heels.

#OOTD-Faux Leather//GenPink
Since I can’t have Manolo Blahniks, I’ll just collect every color in this more approachable Steve Madden version.

The Skirt. (Not my exact skirt but a VERY close replica.)

I have been on the hunt for a floral-print blouse of some sort to wear with my leather skirt this spring but have not been fruitful yet. Anyone have suggestions on a good place to find floral blouses, let me know. I have not found anything that has caught my attention but think the floral, leather skirt look is amazing as well.

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Awesome heels:

OOTD-Faux Leather Skirt//GenPink
Blue heel that would be the perfect pop of color!

OOTD-Faux Leather Skirt//GenPink
This is just an awesome heel with the fur on the front! Really add some subtle texture to your monochrome look.