Paper Gifts For Your First Wedding Anniversary

Paper gifts are traditionally given on first-year anniversaries. Explore these 5 fun paper gift ideas for a creative way to incorporate this tradition into a fun, modern gift that your partner will love!


Paper Calendar


Create a paper calendar, and mark all the days that are significant to you as a couple- from your wedding day to the most simple, special date, and remember together all the special moments you’ve had so far!


Paper Message in a Bottle


What has long been known as the single best way to send an important message? In a bottle! Write your romantic message on paper and slip it into a bottle for your lover to find as you wander into year two!


Paper Envelope


Don’t fret if you can’t afford to go spend more on a gift; gather receipts and ticket stubs, along with pictures and letters, and decorate an envelope with these mementos from your first year together. Keep it close by and fill it with new mementos from next year!


Personalized Paper Map

paper gift 3

It might not be easy to map out your future, but you can map out your past and wow your partner in the process! Create a personalized map by cutting out pictures of the two of you to fit the state where the picture was taken. Record weddings, trips, or any other moment from your journey together on the map! Check out this site for step-by-step instructions.




What better way to celebrate your time together than with more time together? Keep with the paper tradition and give your partner tickets– movie tickets, concert tickets, tickets to a bed & breakfast. Adapt the event to your budget, and share yet another special day with your love!

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Some photos via Pixabay.