Review: Beauty and the Beast at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Just two shows remain this weekend for Beauty and the Beast playing at Pittsburgh’s The Benedum Center for the Performing Arts, a Pittsburgh Cultural Trust theater. (Yay for my new city having a huge arts and culture lifestyle!)

This ballet is not necessarily the same as the Disney film. Instead, it follows the original French story, “La Belle et la Bête” from 1740. The ballet shows us familiar scenes we know from the Disney tale, but as my first time seeing the French story, I was introduced to new characters, songs and colors (Belle mostly wears a beautiful purple dress before her popular yellow dress is shown at the end of the show.)


The show was just around 90 minutes, including an intermission, and was engaging the entire time. Dancers precisely tiptoed and moved gracefully across the stage while showcasing their unbelievable spins and leaps. All of the dancers had a chance to shine – from Beast’s monkey servants to the flowers and birds. There was still plenty of dancing from Beauty and Beast, too!

When Beast first appears, he seems like the big bad wolf. There’s tension in the air with his angry attitude, stomping feet and his scary wolves. But his attitude shifts after Belle enters the picture and he shows his sensitive, caring side…. truly showing the story’s romantic tale. His costume is pretty furry, as one can imagine, but his look transforms once the spell breaks. In one scene, he rips off the costume and shows the handsome man he is underneath – followed by more marvelous dancing. I also adored the costumes worn by the entire cast. The unique pieces, featuring stunning embellishments, added more magic to the performances.


Tickets start at $28 and can be purchased at The Benedum Center or online. The Benedum is located at 237 7th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222.

Beauty and the Beast merchandise is available for purchase, and proceeds benefit the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.




The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre recently announced its 2020-2021 season and will produce shows such as Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Alice in Wonderland and more. Learn more about the organization and its events here.