Review: Cirque Du Soleil OVO

OVO – hosted by Cirque Du Soleil – is now on tour and stopped at PPG Paints in downtown Pittsburgh this week. The show just added extra shows for Saturday and continues through Sunday, and you can get tickets here. 

Whether or not you’re familiar with other Cirque Du Soleil shows, OVO will leave a lasting impression on you. Their talented performers are seriously amazing! Don’t let the human insects creep you out.

The story begins with the sounds of crickets chirping and insects buzzing around. A community of insects are doing their normal routine when they’re interrupted by another insect – a stranger to them – who comes with a very large egg strapped to his back. (“OVO” translates to egg in Portuguese.)

As the narrative continues on how the community reacts to this stranger, the audience is taken from one song to another to see incredible acts. The dancers do everything from leaping high in the air, spinning and flipping 360 degrees and hanging upside down – all so swiftly and effortlessly. I applaud them on their synchronizing moves, too. Just wait for the second act after the 20-minute intermission… the acts get even more unbelievable!

See a few of my favorite acts below.

Dancers on an ariel silk rope


Dancers on a trapeze


tightrope walker with a wheel


A story of romance between the new insect in town and the resident ladybug


Tickets start at $35. OVO continues its tour next to Albany, NY, Phoenix, AZ, San Diego, CA and more. See the full schedule here.


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(Disclaimer: I was provided with a media pass for this show, and all opinions are my own.)