Sew Lovely Gift-Ideas: DIY Carry Alls

Totes, purses, carriers, wallets – these are must-have accessories that must be CUTE and UNIQUE! What better way to get the most unique bag than by sewing it yourself?! Here’s your list of fun DIY sewing projects that are Oh, Sew Lovely!


The Cake Clutch

Cake Clutch
Clutches are the versatile carry-all accessory, going from a stand-alone carrier to a pouch for your big purse. Find some cute fabric and make a few of these DIY clutches, one for each favorite outfit! Here are the plans.


Sew Professional

Suit Purse
Suits are no longer just to wear. They’re to accessorize with this professional DIY bag. Carry this into your next interview or big meeting to show off your professional accessorizing skills. Get the pattern here!


Fabric Napkin Tote

Napkin Tote Bag
This DIY tote bag comes from unused fabric napkins. Have even more fun and use napkins with different colors and patterns, making an adorable patchwork bag! Here’s how it’s made.


Lace Multi-Use Pouch

Lace Tips
Here’s a little fabric pouch that you can use for just about anything! Traveling soon? This is perfect for your travel toiletries, or even some snacks. Learn to make it here!


Versatile Fabric Wallets

Count them, SEVEN DIY wallet sewing patterns for you here! Make one that holds your phone, one that holds a memo pad, and one that keeps all your loose change together. Get creative with the fabric for colorful fun! Here are the patterns.


Simple Sew Bow Tote

Bow Tote
Put a bow on it and call it your adorable, DIY gift to yourself! This is the perfect tote for carrying your laptop to the coffee shop or your favorite book to the beach. Or just to show-off on a regular day at work! Get the pattern here.


Casserole In Style

Make your fellow dinner party guests just as excited for what’s on the outside of your dish as what’s on the inside with this DIY casserole cover pattern. Style with a purpose! Here’s how to make it.


My Lips(tick) Are Sealed

You’re out with the girls and it’s time to freshen up your lips. Imagine their faces when you pull your lipstick out of this adorable, zipped-lips pouch you made. They’re going to want one too! Get the plans here.


Classy Leather Bag

You can make your own leather bag! You really can, using this detailed, step-by-step pattern. Make it, and awe your friends with your creative genius! Here’s the pattern.


Now you can go out in all your DIY glory. And remember, when someone compliments you on your unique accessory, you must proudly say, “Thank you, I MADE IT!” For more sewing projects go to the DIY: Sew Lovely Pinterest page here!