GenPink Picks: Soap Nuts Liquid

soap nuts liquid for $18.95 and lasts 120 loads via

This post was written by GenPink contributor Katie.

As a new(ish) mom who considers herself to be crunchy(ish), I am always on the lookout for ways to make my family’s world a little greener while saving some green. With a baby in the family, it seems like I am constantly doing laundry. I suddenly find myself spending way more time considering laundry products than I ever did before, which is why I’d heard of a unique, natural product called Soap Nuts. Soap nuts are a natural surfactant that literally grows on trees (the Sapindus Mukorossi to be precise). They have been used for millennia to wash clothes and are now commercially available.

save money on laundry with soap nuts liquid via

I recently was given the opportunity to try a highly-concentrated liquid soap nut laundry detergent made by Green Virgin Products. It only takes a couple pumps from the small bottle to wash a load of laundry (which means less earth-unfriendly packaging going through the waste stream). The $18.95 price tag may seem steep, until you consider that little bottle will last for 120 HE loads.

soap nuts liquid for $18.95 and lasts 120 loads via


(Disclaimer: This product was complimentary, and all thoughts are my own.)