Sometimes life cooperates with you …

This guest post was written by Dani, a fellow 20SB, who is currently a secretary by day, and psychology grad student by night. She blogs regularly on She laughs too easily & cries too hard …

* * * * *

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a 20sb blog swap

When I first opened the email telling me the identity of my Blog Swap partner, my initial reaction was:

“::insert sailor words here::! This, clearly together, lady has a serious blog which people actually read. I’m not used to that.”

And so I started reading backwards to try and glean what kind of content would not horrify Elysa’s readers be appropriate and in an attempt to own my Gen Y identity. What did I have to say that would resonate with folks, some of whom might be rather like me (that is to say, a working, student-ing, single, blogging, “slightly” outspoken mess from Jersey) and many of whom probably differ greatly, about the experiences of being 20-something in today’s world?

And I thought…and pondered…and mused. I tried to be sage; to mine, from within my heart or mind, some noble truth that would shine rays of light into the lives of all those who read it. To recount some story that would be applicable across all divides and unifying in its universality.

Here’s what I got:

Saturday morning, after sleeping on the couch of one of my dearest friends because my car had been blocked in his driveway the night before, I was awoken around 5 am by the baying of his 8-month-old pug. Much to my delight, another friend, who had also been blocked in, got up to take him out. I rolled over and began to fall back asleep.

Ten to fifteen minutes later I was awoken by the sound of Puppy and the feeling that someone was standing right next to me.

“Does he only go for some people? Because he won’t go.”

I swung my legs off the side of the couch, mumbled some sailor words at both the friend and the dog, took the leash from his hands and walked, barefoot outside. Puppy did his business, we came back inside and I went back to sleep.

Two hours later the owner of both the house and the dog came down on his way to work. “Puppy has already been out this morning” I croaked. Owner let him out of his crate, put some food in his bowl and headed to the bathroom himself. While he was doing so, Puppy made a mess in the laundry room.

…Sometimes life cooperates with you. Sometimes life shits next to your dryer. And that’s about the most unifying truth about getting through the roller coaster that is being a 20-something that I have for y’all.

* * * * *

I laughed out loud when I read Dani’s email with this post and then about 2 seconds later the goodie-two-shoes in me said “can I put *that* word on my blog?” and obviously I decided I could – at least for now … unless I decide not to. This train of thought was the perfect spring board to my impromptu post for Dani’s blog. Hey it is 20sb blog swap day after all so I had to come up with something to say on her fun blog as well.

Thanks for sharing your ohh so wise insight with us soon to be master degreed lady!