GenPink Picks: Spring Cleaning Your Gadgets

Spring cleaning to me usually means setting aside lots of time to clean out my closet and attic, and I usually end up dumping a lot of the ancient stuff in the trash. When it comes to getting rid of my outdated gadgets, I learned that I can make some extra cash by recycling them. Here are some awesome companies that will give you money for your old electronics. How sweet is that??



NextWorth provides you with a quote for your electronics, where you can trade them in for cash or gift cards. You can also take the gadgets to Target and get an instant, in-person quote. NextWorth even takes items such as video games, DVDs and calculators. The website also provides you with an instant quote, so check it out next time you find some gadgets around the house.


I love going to Target for many reasons. Target also has a trade-in program, powered by NextWorth, to check out. Get a quote for your electronics online (for a Target gift card) or in the store. They accept more than 20,000 items!


Search for your electronics on for more trade-in opportunities. Amazon will provide you with gift cards to its site in return. Textbooks are on the list for trade-ins too! You can also view the “Trade-Ins of the Week” which is a neat feature.


New, used or broken, EcoATM will happily take your electronics and give you cash in return. EcoATM machines are typically located in malls, so search the website for a location near you. In the Dallas area, you’ll find this machine in Stonebriar Mall, Willowbend Mall, The Parks at Arlington and a handful of other places!

Another trade-in service to check out is The company offers consumers a chance to win a new phone and earn $10 when referring a friend to sell their gadgets on this website.


What other services do you like using for trading in old electronics?