Valentine’s Day Outings for Single Ladies

Gir's Night: Movies + Pajama Slumber Party

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a drag. There’s plenty ways to have fun on this over-commercialized holiday. Round up your single girl friends and plan a night out…or in!

Valentine’s Day Outings for Single Ladies {pin it}

Movie Night Pajama Party

Gir's Night: Movies + Pajama Slumber Party{pin it}

Grab a few of your past and present favorite movies, pop some popcorn and indulge in movie theater chocolate and candy. Ask the girls to wear their cozy PJs and bring their blankets or snuggies for a little throwback effect. Cost: $5-15. (photo: cocokelly)

Gift Exchange

DIY gift: sewing tutorial + fav lip products{pin it}

Here’s another staying-in activity for you and the gals. It’ the Valentine’s Day edition of the popular holiday game, Secret Santa. Ask everyone to bring a small present for the gift exchange. Some ideas include a bottle of wine, your favorite beauty products, a gift card, DIY gifts or jewelry. Cost: $10 (photo: seekatesew)

Pinterest Party

The popular Pinterest parties are a creative way to socialize and bond with your group. Party ideas include baking your favorite desserts, DIY spa recipes and lots and lots of crafts! There are plenty of ideas to choose from. Check out this Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for more ideas. These parties pair up well with a bottle of wine, too. J Cost: $10-30


Plan a girls night out (GNO) on Valentine’s Day or on the following weekend. Have the girls dress their best and get ready to take on the town! Whether it’s dining at your favorite restaurant, stopping by wine bars, or dancing the night away, your group will stay engaged all night. Remember to make reservations if it’s needed where you’re going. Cost: $20+ per person (depending on how fancy you want to get)

Shop ‘til you drop

What girl doesn’t like to shop? Swing by the food court to grab some pizza and cookies, stop in the mall salon for a quick manicure or shop around for new clothes, of course! Spending a few hours at the mall with your girl friends is a great time to catch up with each other and do really girly things. Cost- depends on your taste of style!

Baking Party

DIY arrow as cupcake toppers

Who says cookie exchange parties are limited to Christmas? Or, why not have a few friends over to make some fabulous desserts. These DIY arrows from Sweet Occasion would make great toppers for cupcakes or brownies.


Share with us what you plan on doing with your friends this Valentine’s Day!

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