Zumba Love-How to Shake off Your Dating Blues

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If you’re looking for a good relationship that is faithful and loving to your mind, body and soul, Zumba just might be just what the doctor ordered.  First of all you might be asking what is “Zumba” and how can he heal my broken heart?!

Trying something newand venturing outside of your self is a great place to start the healing process.  You may have had the worst date of your life or just be depressed from a bad relationship.  Zumba really is the perfect man to work out all the day’s problems or woes.

First of all, Zumba does not judge.

He is a hip and stylish lover of all curves and body types. He likes to have fun and adds some spice to your life by taking your feet on the trip of a lifetime. Forget the dating sites and head to the gym!

You’ll be able to spot this Latin lover quite easily, just by the sound of his voice.  He combines smooth moves with a new and interesting flair for sexy salsa beats and classic ethnic rhythms.  Updated and sassy, he really is the perfect date for young swaggers who like to move and groove.

This guy wants you to shake your booty in front of him for at least an hour!  In fact, he demands it.  If dancing is your forte, he will mosey up easily to you and turn on his charm.  He is kind and gentle and at the same time he can overlook footwork flaws as long as you keep the relationship moving.

Mr. Zumba will introduce you to a cross between a hot Mexican party and great workout sex.  Zumba will leave you sweating, panting and wanting more.  You will find he will even work muscles you didn’t even know you had. His closet is full of an endless array of sexy music and themed outfits for taking the dance floor by storm.   He treats every woman as a goddess and will transport you to another world.

He is a man that can be counted on.

Trustworthy, he is there without fail three times a week and will not sacrifice your comfort level to tailor it to his own needs.

Flickr: Cimm
Flickr: Cimm