Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Gift of Music

I am not sure if I saw this idea somewhere or if it just came to me but I wanted to pass along the bridesmaid gift idea that I had. My college roommate got married this weekend and I was her MOH (Maid of Honor) so I was trying to think of something fun/creative to give her as a gift from the bridesmaids.

She is currently living in England so I knew I wanted it to be something small that she could easily take back with her. After thinking of things we did together and things that were small I came up with the idea to get her an iPod. Since I love the ipod shuffle that I won I thought that she would love one as well. When I went to Target to buy it for the I was pleasently surprised by their current Special Edition Pink Shuffle. We paid the same price as we would for the regular shuffle but it also came with a $15 iTunes gift card.

iPod Shuffle BC

We ended up spending the night before the wedding hanging out in the hotel room listening to millions of songs (I exaggerate a bit) looking for the perfect balance of mushy love songs, silly dancing songs, and college memory songs.

The iPod was a hit and was also great entertainment for us.

4 thoughts on “Bridesmaid Gift Idea: Gift of Music

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  2. This is a great idea, and even better, it’s pink! Music plays such a huge part of a wedding day – I probably spent days choosing what songs I’d have at ours – that it’s great to give something that music can be ‘taken away’ on.

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