In case you missed it: Gen Y Career Edition

I remember when I first started blogging a few years ago I felt like the internet was full of professional blogs and mommy bloggers. The hunt to find other 20 something bloggers was quite an adventure. I found a few on BlogHer and a few on MyBlogLog but for the most part there wasn’t an easy way to connect with my peers.

It seems like these days, I’m having the reverse issue … I find myself regularly subscribing to another gen y blog quite frequently. So I’ve decided to start a new series (that I’d love for everyone to join in on) called In Case You Missed It. My intention with this is to post tidbits and links from posts I’ve found interesting relevant to the 20 something community. This is different than just recommending other blogs to read because I’ll be pointing out specific articles that speak to me. My plan is to do this weekly, but I’m not making any promises. Since there is so much great content out there it would be great if some of you did something similar on your blog.

So here are some great reads you may have missed from the first week of May:

  • Is Grad School Right For You? My Friends and I as Examples: this topic always jumps out at me because I am having this debate with myself. This particular post lists several scenarios of people who are living in various versions of the debate to continue their education (or not). In the end it seems everything I read says you have to decide for your lifestyle and job what’s best for you, but I enjoyed having real life examples to compare to.
  • Live a Remarkable Life: Though this post is not specifically career related I would say right now many people are feeling stuck or hopeless in their current career situation. The premise of Cody’s post can be summed up with this sentence: you can either sit around and wait for cool shit to happen to you, or you can take a pro-active role in opening your life up to possibility.
  • I Want The Job! When Do I Contact HR?: This is a video post definitely worth the 1:43 for anyone who is currently interviews for jobs. (found via Gradversity)
  • Setting Priorities 101: Plan Each Day to Ensure Success: I’m not sure why I love little planning methods so much (especially those with catchy names) but Anthony’s ABCDE Method of Prioritizing is worth a glance. I have no doubt that my day would be much more productive if I put this system in place and stuck with it.
  • Top 10 Things That I Wish I Had Known When I Graduated College: I graduated college 4 years ago and I will certainly agree there are a few of these that I wish I had known then (or even while I was in college!).
  • Make Your Career Recession-Proof: everywhere I turn I see posts about the recession and the job industry and usually I ignore them (because I’m an optimist and I don’t like all the negativity) but I will say, despite the title the advice in this post is really just great advice for how to get ahead (and stay ahead) in your career.
  • Finding Work Abroad: The fact that I’m linking to this may seem totally out of left field, but lately I’m been on a kick that this would be the best time in life to pickup and go somewhere just for fun. Whatdya think? There’s designers in Italy right?
  • The “I Can Do Anything,” Freedom in Your 20’s: This post is a perfect tie in for the others that I’ve chosen. I am at a serious crossroads right now I’m deciding between grad school, moving or who knows whatelse. The who knows whatelse is where the opportunities (or problems, however you look at it) exist. I agree with Grace "these wonder younger years, are times to discover, to lose, to learn and grow."
  • Personal Branding Further Inflates Our Sense of Entitlement: "After spending so much time proving to the world that you are the smartest, savviest and perfect candidate able to do anything you want, the worst starts to happen: You start to believe it yourself." I’m linking to this because I disagree with it but it’s a good conversation piece. If I ever strongly agree or disagree with a post then in my opinion it’s worth passing on.

Happy reading!

PS: Have any recommendations for great reads I may have missed (including your own)?

5 thoughts on “In case you missed it: Gen Y Career Edition

  1. What a good list–I haven’t seen a few of these and I am excited to read them. I think the grad school questions and examples are particularly relevant.

    Thanks for including me on this list. The freedom in your 20’s was a personal post, but I found that a lot of other Gen Y’ers found an affinity with it. Happy to share :)

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