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Tea + Light Reading

I’ve recently been in the mood to organize my digital life, mainly photo backups and the growing collection of recipes I’m hoarding Pinterest. In this organizing, I’ve run across some great links so I figured I’d pick back up with the link love series. I’m usually drinking tea when I sit down to read fellow blogger’s […]

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this that & the other thing. stuff genpink loved this week.

this. that. and the other thing. {four}

{volunteering} I spent this weekend painting, decorating and volunteering at a safe house for teens here in Dallas. It was an emotional, rewarding and a difficult experience. I instagrammed some photos (not of the kids). 1, 2, 3 {technology/security} in case you missed it – Starbucks App Exposed – 10 Million Customers At Risk // read.write.web. […]

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Link Love & A Request

I’ll probably write more about this but, if you are not following me on my many other social channels you may not know that I am currently recovering from foot surgery. Yesterday, was the three week mark. And while the procedure was pre-scheduled I had NO idea what an adventure it would be. Since I […]

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This morning I opened up my trusty feed reader (feedly), and soon clicked on a post of mine to see how it looked in feedly. There are so many things about using this clean, minimalist feed reader, but one of my favs is the fact that it recommends things “you might also like”. The suggested […]

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Gen Y: It’s All In Your Head

This is a continuation of the in case you missed it series. This week in catching up on my twenty something bloggers I noticed a theme… I’m not sure if this theme came from the idea that this is what I’m focusing on right now in my life or if coincidentally (or not) Gen Yers […]

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In case you missed it: Gen Y Career Edition

I remember when I first started blogging a few years ago I felt like the internet was full of professional blogs and mommy bloggers. The hunt to find other 20 something bloggers was quite an adventure. I found a few on BlogHer and a few on MyBlogLog but for the most part there wasn’t an […]

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Collection of Top 10 Resources for Gen Y (and everyone else)

A while ago I did a round up of 101 one hundred and ones and I must first say I got some very odd keyword search referrals for quite a while after that. Today’s post is top 10 lists – sparked by a impulsive decision to peruse through my older delicious bookmarks. So here are […]

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Some Serious Link Love

It’s been a while since I passed out the love to the great interwebz (thank you lolcats). If you follow me on twitter you already know that even on days that I don’t write full blog posts on genpink I’m usually posting fun finds on twitter or my tumblr page. These are the great things […]

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February: link love on Genpink

Playing catch up (not ketchup)

I have a confession dear freaders. Since I got my iPhone, I have not had much of a desire to sit down at my computer while I am at home. Translation = my emails come directly to me, so I haven’t been opening my personal laptop *at all* for a few weeks, which also means […]

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In the event that I learn to sew

I come from a family of career women who are not very domestic. I am slowly trying to become a little more domesticated (I make up words). In the event that I ever learn to sew I feel like I should bookmark this site that I found through the lovely poppytalk. BurdaStyle Your tool to […]

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