Day: October 26, 2007

Ask a Recruiter: 9 things, you can do, to make any company WANT you

Fridays are usually reserved for fun times around here but I wanted to point you guys in the direction of a great resource my friend Andrea wrote. And by friend I do mean real-life-in-person-friend. We have known each other since we were weee ones. {reshared from Andrea’s original post How to land THE Job of […]

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Fun Friday Round-up: Halloween Edition

This needs no introduction … Celeb Halloween Costumes: "From Paris Hilton to Kid Rock, our readers dressed up like their favorite stars." – People Magazine Crazy Pumpkin Carvings at Extreme Pumpkins – "Pumpkin carving at its wildest!" Some people have toooooo much time on their hands Dog Costumes – pure torture I say! But it’s […]

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