Ask a Recruiter: 9 things, you can do, to make any company WANT you

Fridays are usually reserved for fun times around here but I wanted to point you guys in the direction of a great resource my friend Andrea wrote. And by friend I do mean real-life-in-person-friend. We have known each other since we were weee ones.

{reshared from Andrea’s original post How to land THE Job of your Dreams is a great follow up to yesterday’s Twenty Something Advice: Is it time for a job change?.}

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I got an email from a friend yesterday saying “wish me luck… I am headed for an interview today at noon!”

As a recruiter, I responded by saying “give me a call! I have 9 things, you can do, to make any company want you!”

So I thought… this would be a perfect opportunity to share those insider tricks with you! If your looking for a job, or just about go out for the interview. These are extremely helpful inside tips!

1. Bring at least 3 copies of your resume.

There is nothing worse than being an interviewer and asking for a resume, only to be told, I didn’t bring one. You’re officially dead in the water if you say that. This resume should be printed on nice paper (not some everyday white from your printer) and not some crazy hot pink paper spritzed with perfume. Hello “Clueless anyone!” I only say this because, of course, it has happened.

2. Have 10 to 15 questions written down about the position and/or company.

This is great! If you get to the point in the interview when they say… “do you have any questions?” and your response happens to be… “no, I’m good!” you’re really not leaving your interviewer with a good taste in their mouth. They normally assume, you’re not that interested. Which, in most cases, is not the case at all!

3. Dress Conservatively!

It is better to be overdressed, than underdressed! A suit is always a good move, especially when interviewing for a management position. Always have a pressed shirt and ironed slacks. Remember to tuck in your shirt and wear a belt.

Now, a lot of the times we get questions like “if I show up in a suit to work, they’re going to know something is up, we have a casual work environment where I am now.” My tip to them is to wear slacks, and a shirt/blouse. Leave your suit jacket in the car, and for men, leave the tie in the car as well. Once in your car, put on the tie and you’re ready to go! For women, you are always aloud to use the excuse… “I have a hot date tonight!” (wink, smile)

Also, if you know that the company has “casual Fridays” and you are interviewing on a Friday… it is ok to skip the suit jacket. A shirt/blouse, tie (optional), and slacks will be fine. It is NOT ok to show up in a casual Friday outfit!!

4. Always, always, always, research the company before heading for the interview.

It is customary to compliment the company on recent accomplishments! For Example, if you notice, while doing the research, that their stock has risen from $1.50 to $3.00 that is a perfect ice breaker! It lets the interviewer know, you are not only interested, you know their product!

5. Always be prepared with answers to questions they might ask

Such as:

  • Why would you be a good fit in our organization?
  • Why are you considering a new opportunity?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What, about this opportunity, interested you in interviewing with us today?

6. Always answer a question with a question.

This way, the conversation flows smoothly and the interview seems more like a conversation and less like a questionaire.

7. In interviewing, we recommend you speak half the time the hiring authority is speaking.

When the interview is finished, all your questions should have been answered and you should walk out of the interview knowing your exact role and title.

8. Always end an interview with 2 questions.

“Do you feel that I am qualified for this position?”
“What is the next step in this process?”

This way, if the interviewer has questions regarding your ability, such as:
“I don’t feel you have enough X,Y,Z…” you can reply by saying “well, in my current situation I do X all the time” and so forth. It is easier to clear a missunderstanding while you are in the room, then walk out of the room and leave the interviewer with their thoughts!

9. SMILE and RELAX!!!

This is an interview… NOT an interrogation! Be the best YOU you can be! If the job is right for you, it will happen!!

My favorite quote is

“You spend 33.3% of your time working, 33.3% of your time playing and 33.3% of your time sleeping. If you take away the sleep, you spend 50% of your time working!! Why not love the job you have!!”

*Now all you readers out there that don’t comment… leave a comment. Tell us your interview tips! Or tell us a funny story about an interview you had.