20sb Bootleg Awards

I’ve been a member of 20sb (20something bloggers) since the very beginning. With over 16,000 member now this community is certainly a force to be reckoned with. If by some off chance you are a blogger in your twenties and are not yet on 20sb you need to remedy that now. If you’re like the other 16k of us be sure to add me as a friend.

I remember:

And so, now it’s VOTING time again! You can vote until 12PST on February 4th!

The Categories


  • Most Distinct Voice
  • Most Inspiring Blogger
  • Most Interesting Blogger
  • Most NSFW Blog
  • Funniest Blogger
  • Most Opinionated Blogger
  • Least Likely To Be “Marked As Read”
  • Blogger I’d Like To Get A Drink With
  • Blogger I Wish Would Blog More Often
  • Sexiest Blogger
  • Best Commenter
  • Best 20SB Chat Contributor
  • Best Original Illustrations
  • Best Original Photography
  • Best Parenting Life Blogger
  • Best Student Life Blogger
  • Best Vlogger
  • Best Group Blog
  • Newbie Award (turned 20 in 2010)
  • Last Chance Award (turned 30 in 2010)
  • Best New Blogger (started blogging in 2010)
  • Best Overall: Female Blogger
  • Best Overall: Male Blogger

6 thoughts on “20sb Bootleg Awards

  1. I remember the blogger who first led me to 20SB (flipflopsintherain), and emailing Jamie Lovely for the first time asking about the Ultimate Meet-up, which at that point was still going to be in Boston before it moved to Chicago.

  2. It’s crazy how big 20SB has grown! I think I joined back around the 2,000 mark.

    Love the throwback link to who the first 23 members were. I was always curious about that.

  3. i still can’t believe we were part of the first 25. crazy, no? does that make us… OLD??! ;)

  4. Omg I can’t believe I was part of the original crew. I became less active as life took over…maybe I should jump back in while I’m still in my 20s! ;)

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