7 Surprising Benefits of Singing

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Did you ever sing in a children’s choir at Christmastime, or join in a school musical? How about that time in music class? Did you know that while you were playing around with your friends in a garage band you were actually improving your overall wellbeing? Recent evidence suggests that while singing is fun, it actually has many hidden benefits that should prompt everyone to hum a little tune with the radio on the way to work.

7 Surprising Benefits of Singing{photo: Lieven SOETE}

Although your friends might prefer for you to have actual singing talent before you start belting out show tunes, it turns out that you don’t even need an ear for music to receive the benefits of singing. Whether you have the voice of an angel or can’t carry a tune in your pocket, here are seven reasons to start singing:

  1. Get rid of stress. There are many reasons why singing can relieve stress, such as the release of endorphins that counteract stress. Come into choir practice after a tough day and spend an hour singing — see if you leave feeling as stressed as you did when you arrived. Joining in the group and having a fun time can also lower stress.    
  2. Feel happier. The same release of endorphins that helps lower stress while you sing also helps you feel instantly happier. According to people who sing, doing so puts them in a better mood and lets them get rid of anxiety. Whether you had a bad day at work or are recovering from an addiction and need to cleanse your mind and spirit, singing will give you the lift you need.
  3. Sleep better. For people who suffer from insomnia due to stress, singing can be a great tool. When you sing, the endorphins released can help alleviate any stress and anxiety, in turn allowing for a more peaceful night’s sleep. Singing in a choral group, or simply singing in the shower, can help relieve tension and allow you to relax enough to sleep well throughout the night.
  4. Improve your heart circulation. The physical act of singing has many benefits in itself, the obvious being improved breathing techniques and a strengthened diaphragm. While these benefits may be obvious, did you know that singing can also help improve your heart circulation? Improving the circulation in the heart and lungs is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease—a great reason to sing, even if you’re off-key.
  5. Stop snoring. Though it may not work for everyone, studies have shown that careful training can help some singers reduce the amount or severity of their snoring. This relates to the fact that singing opens up the lungs, throat and nasal passages, preventing blockages that can cause snoring.
  6. Improve your posture and gain confidence. Though singing in front of other people can be an intimidating feat for many, standing tall while you sing can actually help you gain confidence. Since it’s impossible to properly project your voice if you’re slouching, singing properly forces you to stand up straight and lift your chin, giving you an air of confidence which you may or may not feel. Whether you feel it or not, looking confident causes people to see you as confident. And being successful in a singing group may even lend itself to true actual self-confidence in the end!
  7. Enhance your mental awareness, concentration and memory. Remember when you were thirteen and had the words to all of your favorite songs memorized? That doesn’t have to stay in the past. It turns out that the coordination of reading sheet music, the memorization of lyrics and notes, and the concentration needed to perform in a group have positive effects on your memory. Singing in a group can help you become more aware, concentrate more easily and retain information better. Reading sheet music can even help you with math skills!

The benefits of singing, which may be surprising to many, are within a note’s reach. If you’re looking for a place to join a singing group, you can start with ChoralNet and ChoirPlace, or do a quick Internet search to find a local group in your town. Remember that singing in the shower or belting out tunes in your car can help you receive the benefits of singing, too!