All in a day’s work

Too much work to do today to blog so I thought I’d give you some linkage. Since my work entails "playing" in photoshop, illustrator and the other lovely Adobe programs here are some of my favorite adobesque links. By the way corporate design doesn’t call much for fun brushes and such but they are nice to have on hand for side projects.




Do you find yourself doing the same thing you do for work in your spare time? I do design both for my work and for fun.

8 thoughts on “All in a day’s work

  1. yes and no. there are times when i get worn out with designing and just want to come home and relax. i feel like i go thru phases. but i will definitely be checking out indesign secrets. love love love that program.

  2. :-) cool links, thanks. I’ll pass them on to my Mom, she’s more of the graphics end, while I’m definitely on the ‘engineering’ end of the design spectrum.

    And, I can really identify… I do a lot of stuff for ‘fun’ that is in line with my day job. :-) hey, when it’s interesting, it’s interesting. ;)

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