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My name is Elysa and I am a creative snob. Well no not really, but I am definetly inclined to befriend creatives. I do know there are some people who, as they say, “don’t have a creative bone in thier body” but honestly I find that hard to believe. Either way, even those who don’t do art can still have an appreciation for art.

Being that I am a doer and an appreciator of art I have an affinity for discovering new (to me) artists on a regular basis. The internet makes this quite simple for me. Although there are several sites to discover new artists I love the simplicity of the website Artist of the Day. I like to start my mornings with some sort of visual inspiration, this website (well actually the feed) makes this quite simple for me.

On another note: I know there are several of you guys who are artists, you should submit your work and perhaps we will see you featured in the Artist of the Day feed. And when you become rich and famous remember the small people who helped you get there :D

3 thoughts on “{creativity} Artist of the Day

  1. hey elysa-
    thanks for stopping by 20 something living. I totally agree on the quarterlife crisis thing, which I’ll be blogging about sometime soon. Thanks for the heads up on the artist of the day website, too.

  2. Thanks for sharing the site!

    I love that second one by Sho Murase. A great set of colors used. Wish the site had a simple way to purchase prints, etc. of the works presented.

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