Author: Andrea Venezio

Since 2004, Andréa Venezio has been an executive recruiter. Andréa was named the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sapphire Health Group in January 2015. In 2005, Andrea was quoted in the Wall Street Journal for the article "To Snag a Job Offer, Learn What Damage You Do in Interviews." The article stated: "A managing partner interviewed dot-com business manager Andrea Chamberlain (Venezio) last spring for a recruiter's spot. As their session concluded, he told the curious applicant that she was unqualified. She reiterated her strengths. "I may not have the recruiting experience you're looking for," Mrs. Chamberlain remembers saying. "But I have the energy, I'm motivated and I want to work for your company." Kaye/Bassman subsequently invited her to interview with a different managing partner. He hired her the day they met." In 2009, Andréa became the regional director for the Northeast Surgery Center division and in 2013, was promoted. "For me, recruiting is the greatest job in the world, because we impact people's career, by giving them better opportunities that improve their overall quality of life."

Ask a Recruiter: Are YOU Talkin’ To ME?

You know that line in the movie…”are you talkin’ to ME?” Well my dear, that’s how we feel when we read your resume and it says: References Upon Request… well no kidding! It’s understood! If you’re sending your resume to me and I want more information, I’m going to call you and get that information. If I’m not […]

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Ask a Recruiter: WHAT?!? You Like To Fish??

This guest post is part of a new series Ask a Recruiter here on GenPink. You like to fish…?? Thinks the HR person as the cursor hovers over the tiny red X at the top of the screen. You were the perfect candidate…UNTIL…they scrolled to your hobbies section. Listen, I get it…how were you supposed to know […]

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On Resumes: First Thing’s First…

This guest post is part of a new series Ask a Recruiter here on GenPink. If you want your resume to stand out above the rest, first thing’s first…consult a professional! As an executive recruiter for the past 5 years, I have seen thousand of resumes and I have placed hundreds of candidates. However, in […]

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10 Things to Quit Putting on Your Resume

This guest post was written by my long term friend, who happens to be an Executive Recruiter, Andrea Venezio. I asked Andrea to write these pointers because I’ve seen her first hand with resumes and she pointed out some things I had no idea that recruiters hated. So without further adieu… directly from a recruiter here […]

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F is for Family

fam·i·ly noun 1. any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins. 2. parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not. This topic varies from one extreme to another for people. I have friends who disconnected with their families at 18 and have yet […]

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Ask a Recruiter: 9 things, you can do, to make any company WANT you

Fridays are usually reserved for fun times around here but I wanted to point you guys in the direction of a great resource my friend Andrea wrote. And by friend I do mean real-life-in-person-friend. We have known each other since we were weee ones. {reshared from Andrea’s original post How to land THE Job of […]

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