Author: Olivia McDaniel

Oliva is a graphic and textile designer with a background in fashion design. She grew up in Texas and currently lives in Colorado with her husband and two kitties. She loves all things creative and suffers from a serious case of wanderlust.

Meet the Ladies: Olivia @twowandering

In honor of the new genpink redesign (OH you’ve been reading via RSS and haven’t noticed?) we are introducing new and existing contributors to genpink. Let’s get started: Olivia McDaniel Coffee or tea? coffee in the morning; tea in the afternoon. Best advice for life in your twenties in 5 words? be smart. have adventures. […]

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Ten Life Lessons I Learned While Traveling

This guest post was written by my long term friend, and college roommate for many years, the lovely Olivia McDaniel. Olivia is a fan of all things fashion, craftyness, traveling and (as you’ll see from her post) is particularly fond of lowercase letters. also for the record… I stole all of the photos in this […]

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A is for Activism

ac·tiv·ism noun 1. the doctrine or practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving political or other goals, sometimes by demonstrations, protests, etc. 2. action for change Many twenty-somethings I know take pride in knowing we are part of something bigger. Many in our generation have a bigger cause (or a few) […]

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Don’t settle for anything less than the love of your life // Advice on Genpink

Twenty Something Advice: Don’t settle for anything less than the love of your life

On this day for celebrating love, this piece of advice written by my lovely friend (and college roommate) Olivia is perfect: * * * * if you’re anything like me, you’ve had your fair share of unhealthy relationships. the thing is, that’s okay, as long as you pay attention to what it is you are […]

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pink loves green

Photo Credit: stock xchng Guest blogger: my lovely friend Olivia McDaniel I’m no hippy – I eat meat, I shave my armpits, and I wear shoes.  But at the same time, I consider myself to be quite the environmental enthusiast.  I think there’s a middle ground somewhere between tree-hugging flower child and hummer-driving polar bear […]

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