Author: Tanja Dugas

I’m an eccentric, enthusiastic artist and highschool art teacher who always has a story to tell because the little things in life make me really happy. Also, for some reason, odd things just happen when I’m around, or while I'm doing my job. Check out my artist website and my blog Truly Freely Deeply.
10 tips for getting through heart-ache

10 Techniques for Getting Thru Heartache

This is the 10th post in guest post series of Top 10 lists. This guest post was written by Tanja Dugas, one of my long time friends. Tanja, better known to her students as Ms. Dugas is a highschool art teacher, painter, and all around artsy person (down to the pink hair she had back […]

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T is for Thankful

I think there are several factors that make our twenties a time of being thankful. I actually think that it is the stress and major life changes that we are all going through that make us stop and realize what really matters in our lives. The last few years with every challenging time I was […]

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