Bachelorette Party Time!

Though the summer is coming to an end, the hottest wedding season of the year isn’t over just yet. For the brides-to-be, we picked a mix of three exciting bachelorette party items and ideas to have around when getting together with your gal pals. Whether you’re the bride or the head mistress party planner, check out these tips below to share with your group!

Get Lively with Happy Bitch Wine and Glasses

Show off these trendy wine glasses created by Happy Bitch Wine to your girlfriends. These glasses will fit right in with any party theme, especially if you include the traditional pink and black party colors. The company sells a tasty Rosé wine that’s a blend of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir, so it’s not too sweet or too dry. Create a night of memories with the Happy Bitch products, and send a wine glasses home with each attendee as a party favor. 12oz wine glasses can be purchased as a set of four at $39.90. Wine tasting is a prefect pre-dinner activity!

Pamper Party

Don’t want to do the typical night out in the town for your bachelorette party? Set up a nice relaxing day at a health club, spa or sauna. Check out your local spa online for great package deals, and book an afternoon for you and your maids. Nothing is better than a day of pure relaxing and everyone will leave refreshed and ready to take on whatever is next.


Get ready to avoid the paparazzi after you and your maids get your hair and makeup done by professionals like a true Hollywood A-lister. Find a salon that does both hair and makeup, and get glamorous with your girls. For extra fun, schedule a mini session with your wedding photographer.


About the author:

Donna is a bride-to-be getting married on November 30, 2012 at the House of Blues Dallas. She is a rare combination of tomboy and girly girl. Her days are spent as a Marketing Communications Specialist and her nights are devoted to marketing and promotional brainstorming for her fiance’s band and business. Check out their rockin’ wedding website here.

(Disclaimer- A Happy Bitch wine glass was sent to us for review. As always, we provide our honest opinions when reviewing products.) 

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