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I’ve been selected as one of Lean Cuisine’s Phenomenal Ambassadors! I will be working with their team, and several other bloggers, all summer.Celebrating What Is | Bragging Rights If you run a 10K, does it discount the number of 5Ks you’ve completed in the time leading up to that new milestone? If you get a promotion, are you still proud of the work you accomplished in the previous roles?

I find that with each rung of a ladder that I climb, I’m continually thinking of the next step up. It may be that I’m a forward thinker and planner. Or it may be, that I’m not great at celebrating my accomplishments. I’ve made many changes in my career over the years. If I were the bragging type, I’d acknowledge that I’ve continually moved upward. From a young age, I knew when I wanted to make a move, it wouldn’t be a lateral one.

I started in my current role close to eight months ago. I purposely kept this one quiet while I was testing the waters. But somewhere in that transition period I skipped over the wait, and settled into the day-to-day knowing that I’d found a great fit for my skills. Then it felt like it was too late for the initial “I got a new job!” post. I’d decided there was an expiration date on celebrating. Which is silly, now that I put that in writing.

So, today I am publicly celebrating my new(ish) job, and the fact that it really is an amazing fit for my varied skill sets. I even got to circle back to my initial degree in Design that’s long been ignored. I am the Digital Marketing Manager for Revision Skincare. On a high level, I’m managing their online content and social media. I’m learning the intricacies of the aesthetic industry, compliance on skincare products, and overall contributing greatly to a company that’s growing at a phenomenal rate.

Looking for a job is much like dating. In addition to expertise, you need to find a company culture, personality types, and common goals that work for all parties. I can say that I’ve found all of these. Everyone I work with is great. My skills are not only valued, but encouraged. I am contributing and learning in a perfect balance. At the end of every day, I feel like I’ve made a difference. I’d say that’s worth celebrating!

I have several great girl friends that I’ve acquired over the years. One thing I notice about most women is that they have a hard time bragging on themselves. Through my partnership with Lean Cuisine I was challenged to share one of my accomplishments. I’d be lying if I didn’t squirm a little at the idea of bragging about myself on the Internet. I’d like to extend this challenge to you, dear readers.

Do you have something that you’ve been putting off celebrating, because you know there’s another step you could take? Are you waiting to finish another semester before you celebrate going back to school? If there’s any area of your life that you find yourself saying, “If only I _____, then I could ____,” I challenge you to stop and celebrate where you are. And then celebrate again when you reach the next rung.

Whether it’s a certain job title, five pounds to lose, or setting a wedding date, there are numerous life milestones that may be just out of reach. Those can still be your goal, but they don’t have to be hindering the celebration of this moment.

What are you proud of? Need a jumping off point? Watch this video of Phenomenal women “weighing” their accomplishments.

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About Lean Cuisine | Feed Your Phenomenal™

Lean Cuisine is completely overhauling their brand. They are focusing on modern eating; think bold, ethnic flavors, new attributes, contemporary packaging – as well as a new brand campaign! Lean Cuisine’s Feed Your Phenomenal™ reflects its new brand purpose: to feed the greatness in every woman. To kick things off, Lean Cuisine is sharing their #WeighThis video featuring real women “weighing” themselves to help start a social conversation with a message that reinforces that the most important thing we should weigh is our accomplishments.

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  1. I wish people would weigh on me how hard it was to raise my son and daughter in my own after their Father died. I did a great job and they are both in college, and very good kids. I made mistakes, but I persevered and did it!my email-jewelwood55(at)gmail(dot)com

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  3. I wish I would be weighed by the wife and mother I am.  Having been raised by parents who were each married 3 times, I am really proud of the fact that I’ve been married for 17 years to the same man, and we’re expecting our 4th child together.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  4. I wish people would weigh me on how good I am being a wife and mother
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  5. I would like to be weighed on the quality time I spend with my children, the effort I put into going to school and the time I spend helping others.


  6. I should be weighed on what I have accomplished in my life. I graduated with a doctorate degree and a successful high school athlete. I look young for my age and I wish people would weigh me based on my intelligence, kindness, innocence, work ethic and compassion. I may be small and have the body of a 12 year old, but I wish people would look past my weight and size and judge me on the above qualities. I am more than my body.  yarbr012@gmail.com

  7. I watched the entire video and it made me cry.  Bravo to Lean Cuisine for this commercial this is what really matters in life!  I wish people would weigh me on my support of our troops, people in need and my love of animals. 
    heather hgtempaddy@hotmail.com

  8. I wish people would weigh me on my character and what a good mom I am.
    Thanks !:) xoxoxo

  9. I wish people would weigh me on how much time and effort I give to other people.

  10. The focus I place on my family and the love I feel for them.
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  11. I would like to be weighed on the time I spend with my kids.
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  12. I wish people would weigh me on caring and generous character.
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  13. I’d like to be weighed on how well I take care of my family, and also on how I make mistakes but always try to be humble and apologize for them, and keep trying to improve.
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  14. I wish I was weighed on the kind hearted person I am and that I raised 4 kids on my own and they are all on a good path in life.
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  16. I want people to weight me on my love and passion…and kindness to others.
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  17. I want to be weighed on my devotion to our family. I work hard to provide for them and to ensure we stay active, healthy and well nourished.

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  19. I’d like to be weighed on my empathetic nature, my intuitive intellect and the integrity of my character.
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  20. I would love for people to weigh me only on who I am and what I do not what I look like or my age or anything subjective.  Base your opinion of me on FACTS NOT BIASES!  
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  22. I want people to weigh me on my life’s accomplishments – successful education, career and raising a family.

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