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One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the days following the holiday that I get to talk to my friends and hear what gifts they received. Being a designer, most of my friends are pretty creative. I usually like to create gifts rather than purchase them. My gifts usually entail photos of some nature, I create collages in photoshop or make photo-books with some of our favorite memories together.

Today I found some cute printable gift tags that I plan to save for my next gift giving time. My favorite one says “I made this, just so you know. So don’t say anything mean about it.”

What’s the most creative gift you’ve ever given or received?

4 thoughts on “Creative Gifting

  1. i wish people were more creative in their gift giving. besides a scrapbook or photo frame here and there i don’t have anything really memorable that was made for me. kinda sad. i did make a really cool calendar for the ex though. it was fabulous.

  2. Hmm…tough question….I think gifts that I could use to be creative myself were the most creative gifts I’ve ever received. This year: digital camera…past years: easel, new paintbrushes, etc.
    Other than that, most creative gifts received: photocollages/collections, and Mavericks tickets and “Christmas flowers” and my art teacher smock that says Miss Dugas on it (I totally asked for it though)

  3. yeah… I’ve had to really scratch my head hard on this question also. Admitedly, my family or friends really aren’t terribly creative. It’s often me who gets a bit more creative with gifts… ie. making photo DVDs etc. But for a boyfriend who lived interstate, I bought a peuter (sic?) yoyo and had a short poem engraved on it – i only remember one line that went something like ‘but I am here, and you are there, up and down, via the air’ (hence the yoyo as we always had to fly to see each other). I wonder if he still has it… (we have since departed ways!).

  4. This year my husband and I decorated plates for everyone (46 in all). We ordered them through Make It Products and they turned out fabulous. We had done them as children, and it made a great adult gift as well. We started making them in September and were able to finish by November (with enough time to get them shipped to us before the holidays). It was great to see everyone’s faces when they opened them. Now we’re trying to figure out what to do for next year’s gifts!

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