Dating in the Internet age – To Google or not to Google?

This question is for all of the single ladies out there. Do you, or have you ever, googled someone you’ve gone out with?

This question was sparked by this funny graphic I found via MakeUseOf.

googling your blind date

23 thoughts on “Dating in the Internet age – To Google or not to Google?

  1. Yeah, I have, the way I Google many people whom I don’t know that well. More out of curiosity than any concern that I might wind up dating a Trekkie.

  2. Well, I don’t think I ever googled anyone I was presently dating. (Mua-ha. That almost sounds dirty…) But I totally google the ex boyfriends. You know, just for fun.

  3. Nope, never have; I like the element of surprise!….but an old crush of mine from high school had apparently googled me for years,trying to find me(before myspace)!

  4. nope, i haven’t. it honestly doesn’t even occur to me. but i *have* been googled by others that i’ve gone out with. i think it’s a little weird personally.

  5. i’m guilty of a bit of a google. it’s not the most reliable option though when you want to find out about someone! and i agree with michelle… ;)

  6. Ooo I’m about t do a post on this – well, Googling in terms of jobs anyway. I’m married but yes, with regards to coworkers and new friends I Google – AND stalk on Facebook, AND Myspace, and Adult Friend Finder (I don’t use it, I just registered to try and find people I know. If I can wade through the willy pictures for long enough, that is).

    I think everyone Googles nowadays – and if not, then they should ;)

  7. Who haven’t I Googled? I think it’s totally kosher and moreover, people should start admitting they do it, because I’m pretty sure everyone with an Internet connection has done it, at least once.

    In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s kinda necessary in this day and age and makes a lot of sense. Not only can you make sure that dude doesn’t have a blog praising terrorists or professional wrestling, you might get some more benign info. that makes you feel a little more comfortable on date one, especially if it’s blind.

    My last relationship Google was just before I first started dating my future husband, so I kind of look back fondly now on the day I typed his name to see if I could figure what he was all about.

  8. absolutely. and that reminds me of that line in hitch, when sara says to casey, “what’s his last name?” “why?” “cuz i’m gonna google him.” “google your own guy!” :)

  9. I love your blog! I’m only sorry I didn’t check it out sooner :)

    Anyway – I google, but also only for curiosity – most people I’ve dated don’t really come up anyway since we’re all still quite young and not so accomplished (generally speaking, of course…)

  10. Of course I’ve googled. Anyone who says they havent is a) a liar or b) doesn’t own a computer or c) is over the age of 40.

  11. I was never a date googler, but then somone told me that one of my dates was a deadbeat dad who owed like 300,000 in child support. And he was a millionaire. So, no excuse. He also told me he had no children. From that day forward, I decided it was imperative to google all potential boyfriends. You may not find anything out, but if you do it could be important:)

  12. ha are you kidding me?

    yes – definitely google. It has spared me some grief in the past (you don’t want to know!)
    and I wish I had done so much sooner.. it would have spared me even more!

    lol I told my hubby that I googled him when we first met online. What was I supposed to do? Sure you’re dashingly handsome, witty, and fun. But whose to say you’re not a registered something or the other somewhere?


  13. Every time I give my card to a single woman, I wonder whether she might do that. But I’m a freelance writer with bylined articles scattered all over the cyberspace, so I’ve come to accept that my name is now part of Google’s indexes.

  14. i’m totally a googler when i get interested in someone or start seeing someone.

    But be warned! One guy I was dating was using my computer, tried to search for something, and saw his name come up in the drop down of previously searched terms.


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