Digital Diva: I was on TV tonight!

The news clips starts out … “you ‘digital divas’ already love Facebook and Twitter, so why not take your passion to the next level, like the 600+ members of the Social Media Club of Dallas are doing. We learned about this club from a popular North Texas blogger who writes about and for Generation Y. So tonight, this digital diva takes us into her world“. You guessed it, that digital diva is ME! I’m sorry I have to say it again, tonight I was on TV, I have officially had my 2 minutes (2:19 to be exact) of fame and I couldn’t be more excited!

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You can watch it here on
*I am a little disappointed that I can’t embed the video directly on the blog

Insider trading (stuff you wouldn’t otherwise know):

  • I’m glad they said my name right – seems like a small thing, but for those of you who have names other than Amy & Jennifer you know what I mean
  • I talk really fast … I mean really
  • I lovingly call Social Media Club people nerds, I hope no one takes offense.
  • Speaking of offense, no disrespect intended for the mommy bloggers.
  • Moments after it aired I received a tweet from Frank who had videoed his TV screen with the following message “If u missed @elysa on tv check it out
  • I laughed that my dad called me 20 seconds after it ended to ask if I really drove someone home (from sxsw) that I met on twitter. Um sorry dad I did – Zane calls it twitter trust.
  • Also, you will likely not be surprised to know my mom (aka the proud peacock) has already emailed out the video to everyone she knows … and she knows a lot of people!

I love what they said about GenPink

Her blog GenPink is described as an explosive, creative, running commentary of life as a twentysomething.

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  1. Just getting caught up in Reader (I was about 300 posts behind) and saw this – congrats girl!! SOOO exciting – and I love how excited your parents were for you – mine are the same way. Great hanging out at SXSW – can't wait to do it again next year!

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