Does Following A Fashion Trend Make You More or Less Confident?

Credit: Milan Fashion Week

One of the things that is most noticeable about many women in their twenties is that they want to fit in, yet they also want to be different. This is often reflected in their clothing styles and fashion choices. We all know someone who spends a fortune following every fashion trend that comes along.

There is a fine line between those who are ahead of the fashion curve and those who are late adopters of fashion trends that come along. Quite often, the difference depends on the amount of money a woman has available to spend on clothing after all the other essentials like rent and food are paid for.

Experiments in Fashion Trendiness

For many women, the late teen years and the early twenties are a period of great experimentation in fashion. This coincides with a lot of inner and outer exploration as a woman tries to decide, “Who am I really?” This is why women can go from punk to bohemian to preppy and back in a period of months. The outer clothing may or may not match some inner angst that is being explored. But sometimes, experimental clothing choices are just an expression of the joy of being young and alive.

Appearance Isn’t Everything, Really!

Women in our society do face tremendous pressures to look great at all times, and they are expected to spend a lot of money to do so. Sometimes this pressure turns into a need to buy every new look as soon as it comes out. It can take time for a young woman to realize she can make choices that will keep her looking attractive and fashionable without becoming a slave to fashion.

Try Out New Trends In Small Doses

One of the reasons that fashion trends come and go, sometimes with blinding speed is because fashion is a huge business with a sophisticated marketing machine behind it. The glossy fashion magazines really do want you to fall in love with the latest clothing, makeup, and jewelry styles because that is how people in the industry make their living. However, you do not have to go out and purchase every latest look just because it was released on some runway in New York. When you see new looks coming out, ask yourself how you can adapt the look without throwing out half of your existing wardrobe. Sometimes you can freshen your look just by adding a few trendy accessories.

Play Up Your Inner and Outer Beauty

Fashionable and attractive clothing is an essential part of projecting a confident appearance. No matter how much attention you pay to your outer appearance, be sure to work on your inner self as well. You will want to make certain the woman inside is just as confident as she appears to be on the outside.

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