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5 things to do to be more productive

This is a guest post in our latest series, 5 Reasons You Should Guest Blog. We all get the same amount of time each day to make our mark on the world, 24 hours- right? Which may seem like a lot. It’s suggested that the average person needs 7-8 hours of sleep to fully recuperate though, leaving 16 hours […]

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Five things parents DON’T want you to buy for their kids

This is a guest post in our latest series, 5 Reasons You Should Guest Blog. Though some of us do not have kids, we have friends or siblings who do. Sometimes deciding what to buy for baby showers or kid’s birthday can be difficult so we had our friend Lauren Cormier write this guest post. […]

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Five Ways to Stay Frugal Without Sacrifice

This is a guest post by Abby Stewart from our latest series, “5 Reasons You Should Guest Blog.” If you would like to submit guest post please see the details here, and the deadline to email us is 3/1/2014. This year, I decided to focus my energy on simplification and figuring out my next steps monetarily. […]

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Money-Saving Tips from Reliant Energy

February is almost through, and that means 10  more months of keeping up with your 2013 resolutions- new and old!  One resolution you can always work on is saving money – and Reliant is offering you and your readers five easy tips to do just that. Who says resolutions need to start in January? Use […]

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Holiday Tipping: Tips and Taboos

(Etiquette Expert Dawn Bryan Gives Best Practices on Holiday Tipping) The expected ritual of holiday tipping need not be awkward, uncertain, or stressful. Because many service people with whom we deal on a regular basis throughout the year expect to be recognized with cash, determining the correct amount can be tricky. Each season brings a […]

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Quick Tips for Getting Extra Holiday Cash

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone is thinking about the impact holiday shopping will have on their wallets. While holiday gifts do tend throw budgets into a tailspin, the good news is there are actually some easy ways to find, sell and earn some extra cash. In fact, some of you may already have that […]

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Winter Makeup Tips for Your Skin

When cold sets in, it is important to pay attention to our health. This includes more vitamins overall, more water and exercise, and of course, to start thinking about different types of makeup, especially for our skin. Hydration First of all, as mentioned before drinking loads of water is important. The foundation of great skin […]

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Q&A with Lindsey Pollak: Gen-Y Career Expert

As a young professional, I’m always eager to learn more about secrets in the workplace- you know, the type of material that isn’t taught in college. I recently attended a networking event in Dallas sponsored by The Hartford in partnership with u30pro. Their campaign, My Tomorrow, serves to educate yo-pros on career tips and how […]

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Does Following A Fashion Trend Make You More or Less Confident?

One of the things that is most noticeable about many women in their twenties is that they want to fit in, yet they also want to be different. This is often reflected in their clothing styles and fashion choices. We all know someone who spends a fortune following every fashion trend that comes along. There […]

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5 ways to improve yourself (and the world) this summer– just by lifting a finger.

1. Improve your vocabulary.   Have you heard of Wordnik is the first word navigation system that helps people unlock the value of words and phrases to discover what information is most meaningful and matters to them. Wordnik goes beyond traditional dictionary definitions to deliver words in context.  Spend 5 minutes a day on the site and […]

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