Finding the Moments Between Tasks | #RemixYourCoffee

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Editor note: We are nearing the season where people start thinking about New Years Resolutions. Because this year is going to be different! obvi. Well, chances are with the holidays coming up you’ll be doing the opposite of whatever you plan to make resolutions about. Well, if one of your resolutions is *going* to be “get in better shape” or “save money”, cliché yes I know, consider this tip shared by Genpink contributor, Hannah.

——Folgers Flavors

I found that I am often super busy with work and my social life to spend hours at the gym everyday. One of the things I have realized that sometimes there are often pockets of few minutes to steal throughout the day between tasks. You know the five minutes while your microwave lunch heats, I like to race the clock and see how much I can get done before it beeps. My favorite minutes to steal are the ones while the coffee perks in the morning, it takes roughly 7 minutes for the pot of coffee to perk. On some days I clean the dinner dishes (that I left in the sink), take the trash out, or lately do a few calisthenics (you know get my swole on).

I tend to use the 5 lb weights that I have had for ever…

My mornings run something similar to this: get up, have a glass of juice, walk the dog for somewhere between 10-25 minutes depending on how hot it is, get the coffee into the coffee pot, press start, then wait. I wish I could say I was one of those people who jumps up in the morning ready to tackle the day. But in reality I count on my old buddy Folgers to give me the jump start I need.

While the coffee is brewing, I found that these 7-9 minutes are the prefect time to work a single muscle group. I have a rotation that I work through: arms, abs, a full body grouping, legs, back, and full body. This rotation runs through the whole week and I feel as if my muscle definition is really getting better. I found most of these routines on Pinterest or through my subscription to SELF Magazine. We all have some Pinterest board about getting fit, being healthy, or perhaps even a thinspiration board.

The few minutes in the morning are the prefect time to open the board up and give some of those routines ago. Our friends at Folgers have some new products to add a little extra motivation to your morning coffee (more about this in a bit). There are always a few minutes left in the day between tasks, these are the minutes we typically spend on social media but what would our world look like if sometimes we spent those minutes on our health?

I love knowing that no matter what else the day brings, I have already accomplished one task

Here are links to a few places to find good morning workouts:

In the last several days I have been trying Folgers Flavors, they are a shelf stable creamer. This gives me a chance to get my coffee faster and I can always have a taste of creamer that brings a smile to my face so I can get the day started on the right foot. Check out what others are saying about #RemixYourCoffee on social media.  My current favorite is the Mocha flavor in this stripped mug, it makes me feel festive and I don’t have to hit up a fancy coffee shop to get my coffee fix.

If only the Folgers Flavors magically gave me these singing skills. A girl can dream! But seriously, check out Mike Tompkins’ Youtube channel. I love his Disney remixes.

About Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancers

Pure flavor, pure delight. One squeeze of Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer, and you can spin your favorite roasts any way you want. Your cup. Your way. Mix and match to create a personalized coffee experience. There are our flavors: Caramel, Vanilla, Mocha, and Hazelnut. Folgers knows each of us likes our coffee our own way—and they’re helping us brew exactly what we want. Folgers Flavors lets us customize our coffee any way we like it.

Folgers Flavors can be used at home or on-the-go and don’t require refrigeration. I plan on keeping mine in my desk at work. Although, I did consider carrying them in my purse. But sadly, I don’t have a magic purse sized coffee maker.

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