Fun Friday – Fashion Tips

Instead of the usual round up of fun Friday hoopla I send you, dear readers, to this hilarious post. Fashion tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion.

Are you working on this Friday before New Years? I’ve gotten a split vote from my friends. I am not, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

*sidenote: You may or may not have noticed I added Tumblr to the top tabs. I have been playing around a bit with my iPhone and Tumblr together and I plan to post random day to day items just for fun.

*side sidenote: I know I have seen posts that says “up to” or something like that and it lists, reading [insert book], eating [insert food] — anybody know what I’m talking about that can send me in the direction of one of them thur posts. (that’s my Texas blogging accent – oook really I must go to sleep now.)

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Fun Friday – Fashion Tips

  1. okay, so that guys post is AMAZING, and I pretty much agree with everything he says. ‘Crocs makes you look like a dumbass’ is even one of my Facebook groups. Although re the ‘cuban dictator hat’ – I once picked up a nice boy who looked HOT wearing the said accessory!

    Also, I’ve been off work all through the Christmas, right through to after New Year break. Though I have worked it in the past and it’s a pretty dismall feeling!

  2. “Tit curtains” is the awesomest expression ever.

    Also, not only am I working today, the Friday before New Year’s, but I’m also working on Monday, also known as New Year’s Eve. I think I fall into that guy’s definition of “bitch” for that one.

  3. i loved it elysa- so many laughs! there is a great crocs video on youtube too called ‘dorcs’, check it out if you feel like a giggle :)

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