How Millennial Are You?

I’ve recently started using a new aggregating resource called NewsCred, which allows you to “Create and discover newspapers about the things you love.” Which really means that popular resources of topics of my join find their way to my inbox. This morning I read an article (thanks to NewsCred), Millennial Breakdown, which presented the findings of a pretty simple, yet intriguing survey about beliefs and lifestyles of 18-29 year olds.

Some of the findings in Millennial Research:

    • Only 5 percent of Millennials disapproved of interracial marriage
    • While 38 percent over 65 thought it was negative for mothers with children to work outside the home, only 23 percent of Millennials agreed
    • 64 percent of Millennials maintaining a belief in God compared to 73 percent in those over 30
    • 64 percent have texted while driving.
    • Nearly four in ten had at least one tattoo, and 18 percent have more than six. This is a sharp contrast to the Baby Boomer generation which only had 15 percent of respondents saying they sport body art.

To find out how well you fit these findings, log on to and take its quiz: “How Millennial Are You?”. I am apparently 96% Millennial.

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