In April I…

#EplusR two year anniversary (yes we have our own hashtag - go check it out on Instagram)

The problem with being a blogger is not a day goes by that I don’t think “oh, I should take a picture of this moment so I can blog about it later.” So, tonight I sat down to look through my pictures from the past month thinking I’d do an April in Photos post.

Well, in April I…

  • attended Grand Opening for Nespresso store in Northpark Mall in Dallas
  • met Tim Gunn
  • had my hair cut and colored for 4 minutes of fame on TV, showing Spring styles for hair
  • saw Conan LIVE in Dallas
  • attended a fancy party to celebrate Belk opening in Galleria Dallas
  • attended a fashion show at Macy’s hosted by Courtney Kerr
  • tried on 50(ish) shoes
  • bought 3 pairs of shoes
  • had 2 job interviews
  • attended UCR’s scholarship event for Dallas student artists
  • saw 1 set of out of town friends
  • made sushi at home
  • got a fancy facial at Beauty Live
  • had a fun girls painting and wine night
  • attended an awesome farm-to-table fundraiser event
  • celebrated 7 years since launching Genpink
  • joined Junior League of Dallas’ communication team as social media manager
  • roadtripped to Austin with Rory to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary
  • dropped 25 feet from a rope swing thing in at a resort in Austin
  • started a new job
  • pretended to be a car model at a McLaren event
  • went to Six Flags
  • did some serious Spring cleaning of my closet and got rid of 30% of my clothes
  • hosted a swap party where a bunch of gals got to trade their jewelry, purses, clothes and accessories
  • walked 36 miles (according to my Fitbit One & MapMyFitness)

And so, if you want to see my month in photos apparently you’ll have to go to my Instagram feed because #aintnobodygottimeforthat. I do hope to write about about some of those things over the next couple of weeks, but yea… as my mother-in-law said “Ok I’m tired just from reading your list.”

What was the highlight of your April? 

Genpink April in photos


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