Learn Something New Everyday

About a year ago I decided to dedicate an entire month of my life to consciously learning something new every day. To track my learning I blogged about my daily learnings. Today, via one of my favorite bloggers (swissmiss) I found a site completely dedicated to the concept of Learning Something New Everyday.

I love the simplistic visuals of this site and of course the bright colors.

Here’s today’s lesson:

dalmations are born without spots

And a few of my favs from previous days:


3 thoughts on “Learn Something New Everyday

  1. Very cool – I find that sites like this can really provide a source of writing inspiration as well (wordboner.com) has inspired me many, many times. I am seeing a trend lately of people openly blogging about learning new things – I love that sharing of knowledge.

    Another trend? Online “Bucket Lists” (ex: over at Nicole is Better – http://nicoleisbetter.com/the-list) – I think this is a great way to share your goals with everyone and publically hold yourself accountable.

    Thanks for this Elysa! Cheers!

  2. Dalmations, no spots? Hmmm… Knew the one about tall men. Like your blog.

  3. A coworker of mine turned me on to that site. I adore the random factoids delivered via amusing visuals <3

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