Love Wallhanging from SATC Movie

Last weekend I went with my girls (love them!) to see Sex & the City the movie. At the end of the movie we were all commenting on how much we loved the LOVE picture on the wall of Carrie’s refashioned apartment. It so happens that the 4 of us that saw the movie together are all artists/designers of some nature so we thought if we could just get a better look at that design we might be able to make something similar for ourselves.

It took me some digging around but I did get a hold of it!

Love from SATC Movie

The piece is actually a needlepoint wallhanging made of wool and silk (translation — not in Elysa’s budget) designed by Paul Smith called Love Too. I found The Rug Company who carries this beauty through Casa Sugar’s post Get the Look: Carrie’s Redecorated Digs.

Love art from Carrie’s Apt

I’m most likely moving in August so I do have it on my list to create something similar for my new digs.

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Update: I’ve closed comments on this post. The person who claims to have a connection to someone who can print this has not responded in over a year.

77 thoughts on “Love Wallhanging from SATC Movie

  1. That is beautiful. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’ll look out for it when I do. My mum is a maestro with sewing so I might slip this pic into her diary and hint for Christmas!

  2. Do you know where I can get a print / copy of this. I’ve been looking for this in a poster format since I saw the movie

  3. You can buy it from the rug company, but it’s $2,750.
    has anyone seen a rip off one anywhere?

  4. I love this piece of art. I wish there was a print of it. $2,750 is a lot of money.

  5. If anyone knows of a poster company carrying this, I would love to buy it for my new house! It is so romantic and colorful. $2,750 is a little out of my price-range!

  6. I’ve been looking for this in poster form ever since I saw the movie and have yet to find it. Please, please, please if anyone out there knows where it is, tell us!!! We ABSOLUTELY need to know.

  7. I’ve a mate who is re-creating it if anyone is interested and they will be printed on canvas….

  8. Hi, i would like to order a print of the love too wallhanging. How much would it cost? Would it be the same size and exactly the same?
    Thank u!

  9. I absolutely MUST have one of these replicas! Please e-mail me with more info!

  10. This has been in 2 magazines and now the movie! Perfect and too pricey. I am very interested in a pattern to needlepoint myself or a print on canvas. Count me in.

  11. i am interested in obtaining a copy of the wallhaning (Love Too, by Paul Smith), if anyone could advise as to how to obtain, i will be deeply appreciated…

  12. Would like to obtain a print of the Love Too wallhanging by Paul Smith, if anyone could advise, i will be greatly appreciative…

  13. I'd like to have of these replicas in canvas. Could you please send me more info about it :)

  14. Please do you send Love canvas's to England if so ….sizes and prices please xx

  15. Please let me know if your friend is still doing that and if so if he would ship to Germany or Austria. Also please let me have the prize:

  16. i would like to know details on prices…could he create a poster instead of a canvas?

  17. I would like one to for my daughters 21st birthday, we live in Australia would that be a problem? pic of his handiwork plus size and price please thanks,

  18. I have never got the answer from “unknown fan” who wrote this ad over a year ago. Has anyone?

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