Make Someone Happy

Make someone happy

One of my favorite ways to unwind at night is perusing popular. A few days ago I found this fun site called Wordle that generates really fun random generated images. I knew I wanted to tell fellow GenPinkers about the funness that is Wordle but I wanted a fun list to create my demo with. Alas, tonight I found 32 Ways to Make Someone Happy! I think I want to make a list of something and print it. I think this would be a fun cheap wall decoration.

Make someone happy

3 thoughts on “Make Someone Happy

  1. I read about the site several months ago. It’s also a great too to see what pops on your resume. Plug it in and see what words are strongest, edit accordingly if you’re not happy with the results

    I’ve been meaning to plug the lyrics from an album by my favorite band. Thought that could yield some interesting results.

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