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In honor of the new genpink redesign (OH you’ve been reading via RSS and haven’t noticed?) we are introducing new and existing contributors to genpink. Let’s get started:

Teacher Girl


Flickr: Ed Yourdon
Flickr: Ed Yourdon

Coffee or tea?

Definitely coffee. I am Hispanic and I have memories of drinking coffee before I could talk. I had espresso in my bottle. Now, I am a recovering Starbucks addict, but I still have a gold card and go way too often.

Best advice for life in your twenties in 5 words?

Be patient, life is unpredictable.

Favorite quote:

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” -Anonymous

What makes you different?

I am severely independent and yet all I really want in life is someone to grow old with and take care of me. I am funny, passionate, and worry way to much. I am spontaneous and love organization.

Favorite pink thing?

Shoes! I have three pairs of pink shoes and I love them. A pair of wedges, a pair of stilettos, and my new glitter pumps.

If we were to buy you a present where should we look?

Either a bookstore or an office supply store. Office supplies seriously make me excited. If you buy me special post-its, I might just make love to you.

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