Planning for 2011: Printable Calendar Edition

Writing the words “planning for 2011” almost sent me in a tailspin… seriously, two thousand eleven, really?!

Whether you want to admit it or not, 2011 is almost upon us. This means that the creative minds around the world are creating calendars of all shapes and sizes. I had the pleasure (sarcasm) of converting a calendar from a previous year at my first design job. In case you can’t picture it, that involved me moving formatted numbers 1 position left and researching obscure holidays to confirm where they needed to sit on the calendar. Ever since that fun adventure I’ve had a HUGE appreciation for the effort that goes into calendars, so….

Here are some awesome printable calendars for 2011

The World’s Smallest Printable Calendar
As far as I know this is the printable calendar smallest in the world! 4.4 x 7.6 centimeters: a whole year behind a single business card!(via Lifehacker)
world's smallest pocket calendar

Candy Bar Theory of Calendar Design
The Compact Calendar, by comparison, is great for representing a schedule compactly while maintaining the important context of weekends and holidays. In general, we’re trying to fit our tasks into continuous days of work that cross month boundaries; by running all the days together, we can maintain that sense of continuity and still not lose track of what month it is. (via Lifehacker)
full year compact=

Make Your Own Owl Calendar
The owl craze is still going strong. For those who can’t get enough of them, I present to you the Owl Lover 2011 printable calendar. Customize your calendar online by choosing from 30 different owl illustrations. (via How About Orange)
printable owl calendar

2011 Pop-up Calendar
story book pop up calendar

Calendar Hexahedral
hexahedral calendar

2011 Dodecahedron Cube Calendar
dodecahedron cube calendar

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