Skinnygirl Turkey, Hummus & Lettuce “Tacos”

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Skinny Girl Turkey, Hummus & Lettuce "Tacos"

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for Pinterest styled recipes. These are your every day recipes with some easy twist, that you stumble across on Pinterest, while thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”. My lettuce “tacos”, are inspired by these low-carb shredded chicken tacos I found on one of my late-night Pinterest browsing. I do love me some tortillas, but using Romaine Lettuce leaves certainly is a lower carb & calorie option.

I was excited to hear that Skinnygirl, best known for delicious low-calorie cocktails, has recently expanded its portfolio to include non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and microwave popcorn. Deciding to expand the brand into fresh, party-ready dips was a no-brainer for Skinnygirl creator, Bethenny Frankel. “Everyone loves indulgent snacking while enjoying a cocktail, and with these dips there’s no need to feel guilty. Each flavor is more delicious than the next. It’s hard to believe they’re low calorie! I love using them in recipes too!”.

For this recipe I’m using Skinnygirl Hummus in Roasted Red Pepper. Skinnygirl Hummus is made with non-fat Greek yogurt, is reduced calorie, all-natural, gluten-free and kosher. If you aren’t a fan of Roasted Pepper, Skinnygirl also comes in Classic, Cilantro Jalapeno, and Roasted Garlic. (I’m thinking I’ll try the Cilantro Jalapeno next!)

I wanted to keep my first try at lettuce tacos simple, so we just used turkey meat we had on hand, several pieces of romaine lettuce, and an entire carrot (shredded with a vegetable peeler). The hummus as the base in the lettuce, helps hold everything in place really well. You can add as much or as little as you like to get the flavor balance that fits your preferences.

Skinny Girl Turkey, Humus & Lettuce "Tacos"

Skinny Girl Turkey, Humus & Lettuce "Tacos"

What I like most about these lettuce tacos, is how easy they are to make. We put together enough tacos for two of us in less than 20 minutes. If you’re the step-by-step type here’s a recipe for ya. But keep in mind, you should have fun with yours and add your favorite fillers with the hummus.


Skinny Girl Turkey, Humus & Lettuce "Tacos"

I opted to serve my turkey “tacos” with a side of chopped up squash to dip into extra Skinnygirl Hummus.

With the greek yogurt base, Skinnygirl Hummus has a lighter taste and texture than some of the other brands I’ve tried.

Skinny Girl Turkey, Hummus & Lettuce "Tacos"

Where to buy Skinnygirl Hummus

Currently Skinnygirl Hummus is located at Kroger, Hy-Vee, Fairway Market, Bristol Farms, Gelson’s, and Walmart. Hey, and good news… I have a coupon for ya! *This coupon is redeemable at Walmart only.

Skinnygirl Hummus - Walmart Coupon

Other ways to enjoy Skinnygirl Hummus

Since we’ve already established you’re going to head out to get yourself some… here are some additional ways you can enjoy your Skinnygirl Hummus!

  • Want to serve hummus at your next party? The perfect pairing for your hummus is a Chardonnay wine, freshly cut veggies and a great baked bread. // Dear Creatives
  • Or if you’re planning a Halloween party, Viva Veltoro turned her Skinnygirl hummus into an adorable spider web! // Viva Veltoro
  • Bet you never considered adding hummus to a cupcake? You’d be surprised how great Stacey’s party tray of Hummus “Cupcakes” turned out // Newlywed Survival
  • These hummus-stuffed mini sweet peppers are another one of those Pinterest recipes I was talking about. Now I want to go get some mini peppers to pair with the rest of my hummus! // This Mama Cooks
  • And while we are adding hummus, how about stuffed mushrooms and cucumber slices as a nice complement and easy snack? Cute & Little says these are toddler-friendly as well // Cute & Little
  • How about a no-cook option – just add hummus to a pita, with feta, and tomatoes and you have yourself a meal! // FashionEdible
  • If you’re not set on giving up your trusty tortillas, Victoria added hummus to a tortilla for an easy wrap. // ABC Creative Learning
  • You also have the option of making paleo tortillas to go with a hummus wrap // Down Home Inspiration
  • Skinnygirl Hummus with raw veggies like fresh pepper slices, grape tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower florets is a delicious, guilt-free afternoon snack. // Leslie Loves Veggies
  • You can also put the veggies + hummus into cute individual servings for an easy grab-and-go snack // Orchard Girl
  • Hummus can also be used in place of pizza sauce for a healthier DIY pizza // Lipgloss & High Heels 
  • And last but not least, two more Halloween + hummus ideas. Serve your hummus in a Jack-o-lantern Pepper or add some eye-balls to create Stuffed Baby Pepper Monsters


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  1. These look uber delicious! I’m not a great cook but I do
    my best to keep my hubby entertained with various “fancy” recipes. I can bet he
    wouldn’t touch these tacos but my mouth is watering, will have to hunt them
    down, thanks for the coupon, you’re a sweetie, Elysa!

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