Meet the Ladies : Sydney @sydneyowen

In honor of the new genpink redesign (OH you’ve been reading via RSS and haven’t noticed?) we are introducing new and existing contributors to genpink. Let’s get started:

Sydney Owen


Coffee or tea?

Tea. From Teavana. On ice, por favor.


Best advice for life in your twenties in 5 words?

Dream it. Then do it.


Favorite quote:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. ” -Samuel Beckett

What makes you different?

Besides the whole jumping out of planes thing? I say thank you to the point of exhaustion and am borderline annoying about it.

Favorite pink thing?

Elysa. No but really, I don’t think I actually own anything pink.

If we were to buy you a present where should we look?

Anything skydiving related would be sweet. Otherwise, send me some sweet running gear.

One thought on “Meet the Ladies : Sydney @sydneyowen”

  1. You’re badass, woman. LOVE where you’re at and what you’ve been doing these last years, you little inspiration, you! 

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