Beth was a beautiful women. She loved cupcakes, hummingbirds and most of all chocolate. She lost the battle with breast cancer in August of 2010. Her spirit lives on in the many people who knew her, and in the hearts of her children and grand-children.

… on being 28

I turn 29 today! If we want to get technical, at 3:40pm CST I will be twenty-nine. I think it’s interesting how people are about age and birthdays. There’s quite a spectrum of people who love celebrating their birthdays and people who don’t, as well as a continuum of people who are freaked out about getting older […]

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Open letter about grieving.... saying goodbye because of cancer

Not Ready

Have you ever been in a situation that you didn’t feel ready for but that there really was no way to really ever be ready. Like stomp-your-feet, hold-your-breath, wish-you-could-do-something to change the outcome because you “don’t wanna.” Have you ever experienced this feeling? Perhaps it came when looking for a new job, starting a new […]

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Pink Knock Out

For the most part I don’t talk about my personal life here but today I’m choosing to because of the topic. I am sitting in the waiting room at the hospital my mom’s lifelong best friend (my other mother) was just called back for surgery. Last week she was diagnosed with breast cancer – so […]

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